What is Triple Glazing?

Triple Glazing is a home window that has three panes of glass as opposed to two, which increases the thermal effectiveness as well as decreases environmental pollution. Nonetheless, is the expense of upgrading to it worth it in the brief and long-term?

What benefits does Triple Glazing have more than Double glazing?

A window’s energy efficiency is gauged in a U Worth with the lower the value, the more thermal efficient it is. Older single glazed windows could have a U value as high as 5 as well as even an old double-glazed window could be as high as 3.

Modern double-glazed windows normally have a uValue of around 1.5 which is achieved via enhanced production methods, consisting of optimisation of the window tooth cavity, low emissivity layers utilizing inert gas to load the gap, and also making use of aluminium spacers or ‘cold bridges’.

A modern Triple-Glazed window has a U Worth around 0.8 which is a considerable improvement on Double Glazed windows, nevertheless, ahead of time prices are likewise higher. Whilst the pay-back time period is shorter than Double-Glazing, it is still a long-term investment.

If you are buying Triple-Glazing from a price saving point of view, you will require to consider your long-lasting expenses and likewise have various other factors which make it rewarding, including deeper wall tooth cavities.

So Triple or Double Glazing?


✔ Can reduce heat loss in your home which can decrease your power expenses

✔ More reliable at warm retention than double glazing, making your house really feel warmer

✔ Much less vulnerable to condensation build-up between the panes than dual glazing

✔ It is more challenging to damage, making your house more safe and secure

✔ The extra pane of glass blocks out a lot more noise from outdoors than double glazing


✘ High upfront costs, make it more costly than double glazing

✘ May lower light penetration, permitting much less light into the space

✘ The additional pane of glass can make the windows really hefty and also possibly harm your walls

✘ Condensation can show up on the external layer of glass

✘ Long return on investment because it is more expensive

So, currently we know our triple glazed home windows advantages and disadvantages, which is the better option? Well that eventually depends on what you call for and also the sort of property you have.

Three-way glazing definitely has its usages and unique advantages, although many individuals would say that you can attain the very same results with A++ top quality double-glazed windows rather. This will come without all of the linked troubles that triple glazed home windows can in some cases supply.

Basically, they both do the same job, just one has a bit more support than the other. If security and strength are your primary worries then Triple Glazing may be the way to go.

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