You’ve most likely heard individuals in favour of PVCu talk constantly about how they are an upkeep complimentary alternative to wood and aluminium windows. Possibly you have had an interest in buying PVCu windows for your house but are simply not sure if the entire maintenance totally free organisation is simply some kind of slick sales patter. In the following post we intend to clarify some things for you relating to PVCu windows and how to maintain them.

The fact is that they actually don’t need much in the method of upkeep. They are not affected by the weather condition as wood is and don’t age when they’re not dealt with. Nevertheless, to state that they are completely upkeep free is being disingenuous.

It is necessary to value how various PVCu windows and associated products work and the suitable attention and cleaning you ought to provide and when. This will guarantee you get the best out of your PVCu windows.

To start with, there is one job you need to do regularly which is clean the faces of PVCu frames. All you need to do this is some gentle liquid cleaning agent combined with some warm water. It’s important you use non-abrasive solutions as the more abrasive ones might trigger permanent damage to the window frames. It’s typically the case that internal PVCu surfaces can suffer from discolouration from cooking fumes or smoking. Instead of using abrasive substances or chemical cleaners, you should speak with a specialist about returning the PVCu to its former glory, and keep in mind to clean up the underside of your PVCu– not simply the visible parts.

When there has been a heavy rainstorm of rain, you might observe a collection of water at the bottom of your window frames. This is what’s supposed to occur, and the water will eventually recede down the drainage holes or will simply evaporate.

Condensation is something all of us need to contend with at some point in our homes. If there is wetness in the air and the temperatures are continuously changing in between high and low on either side of your windows, you will get condensation. How bad the condensation is will straight associate with how fantastic the temperature fluctuation is and how much wetness is in the air.

Bedroom, bathroom and cooking area windows are the fixtures most impacted by condensation. Double glazed windows will, to a degree, reduce the issue of condensation, they will not stop it from taking place entirely.

With any brand-new work including lead, when there is rain direct exposure, oxidisation will occur and has noticeable signs in the form of mottled or white staining on the lead work. This is a natural process and when the procedure has actually reached completion, the lead will turn a dark grey colour and discolourations will no longer be a concern.

That way, you can be sure they will perform the work to the greatest standard possible.

To sum up, no PVCu windows are not all the same. There are distinctions across the board whether it’s the brand name behind them, the kind of window component they are created for, their thermal insulation and performance ratings and how protected they are.

Certainly, you want your windows to open and close efficiently each time. You can make sure this is constantly the case by:

  • Guaranteeing that the track, sliding shoe and pivots of the hinges are clear of dirt, grime and particles.
  • Cleaning the hinges with a silicon spray and retightening the screws, where essential.

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